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Date: 06/05/2016

By: Smithg638

Subject: John

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Date: 02/12/2011

By: ♥ Girl20pretty ♥

Subject: ..

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Date: 07/11/2010

By: Loo Boh Ong

Subject: Are you sure?

Are you sure that all the information is true? You still believe in all this nonsense? As I know your religion forbid the negative believed. And why must be this negative activist like calling spirit and looking for ghost exist in your group. Why not put attention in getting all those followers of the group in listening to religious speeches rather than wasting the valuable time in life doing all this negative believed. Be more attentive in the holy religion teaching than doing this unworthy act of stupidity. And make full use of your life doing something more valuable like helping the unfortunate and the needed. They are living in poverty yet they never complaint of evperience in ghost or spirit or whatever exist than you people who are living with the luxury of foods and freedom yet looking for the non existent. Be more realistic. If they do exist let them be with their world. The act of stupidity is the action of the stupid. Let's hope that the people involved will freak their mind out if the truth is revealed. That they are wasting their time of their lives wasted with the involvement of the stupid doing of stupidity.


Date: 06/05/2011

By: mite

Subject: Re: Are you sure?

we believe all this nonsence....they r actually a our malay culture we called it ghost...By the way there are no forbidden for our religion to do the research....

Date: 18/06/2010

By: Ice

Subject: activity in singapore?

Do you guys still do activitis in singapore? Any event coming soon?


Date: 27/03/2009

By: Kinkz79

Subject: More Info

Hi there, i was browsing through the photogallery and i am lost at what i was seeing... maybe you could enlighten me more by adding a description on the pics so i can have a better understanding.... niwae just wanna wish u guys luck in the upcoming event and hope u can put up some videos caught....
Thanks and Ciao.....

Date: 07/04/2009

By: Jampokz aka Angah

Subject: Re: Sorry 4 the late reply...

Hmmm sory coz the website is still on construction....maybe u cld ask me what u wanna know??

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